June 16th, 2010


Leblon waited on pins and needles until Brazil defeated Korea in the World Cup!  We celebrated the victory all over NYC, LA, and Chicago.  In NYC the Leblonettes, Cachaça Tom and Vitoria Caipirinha partied at Sushi Samba, Via dei Mille, & Plataforma Churrascaria.  On our travels we ran into the Mayor of Sao Paulo, Globo TV, Chris Tucker and Tyson Beckford, among thousands of Brazilians and Brazil lovers rooting for their team!  There were firecrackers flaring, soccer playing in the streets, samba dancing from SAMBA NOVO, and even some table dancing.  There was so much craziness by all that even a New York City Police horse was running loose throughout the streets.  Chanting throughout the city streets you could hear OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ BRAZIL!

June 15th, 2010

Uma Thurman & Arpad Busson spotted with the Leblon Caipirinha Girls!

Uma Thurman and once finacé, millionaire London based French financier Arpad Busson, were caught checking out the Leblon Caipirinha Girls in New York City!  The pair were seen leaving Da Silvano on Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village yesterday afternoon, while the girls were spreading the Legalize Cachaça movement and suggesting New Yorkers to try Leblon Caipirinhas.  The rest of the city had their eyes locked on the Italy vs. Paraguay World Cup game yesterday.  Make sure to check out bars and restaurants who are hosting World Cup viewing parties and serving Leblon Cachaça cocktails.  Names and locations are listed in the previous blog.

You never know who you will run into in the always busy New York City!

*Photographs courtesy of People.com and icydk.com

June 14th, 2010


The 2010 World Cup kicks off June 11th in South Africa!  So get your jerseys and your game face on because it is promising to be an exciting ride and we’ll be here along the way to help you celebrate in style.  May the best team win!

Want To Go Out and Watch a Match?

If you are in the mood to go out and celebrate with friends, here are some locations that you can count on to have your game up on the big screen, as well as yummy Leblon Caipirinhas on hand!


Jack Dempsey’s: 36th West 33rd Street, NYC
Legends: 6 West 33rd Street, NYC
Navy Beach: 16 Navy Road,Montauk, NY
Scuderia: 257 Sixth Avenue, NYC
Sushi Samba 7: 87 Seventh Avenue South, NYC
Via Del Mille: 357 West Broadway, NYC
Felix: 340 West Broadway, NYC


Clevelander Hotel: 1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
Delores But You Can Call Me Lolita: 1000 South Miami Ave, Miami
Finnegan’s Way: 1344 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
Four Seasons: 1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami
Mercadito: 3252 North East 1st Ave, Miami
Mia’s at Biscayne: 20 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Novecento: 1414 Brickell Avenue, Miami
Novecento: 430 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Novecento: 1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach
Novecento: 121 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables
Sra. Martinez: 4000 North East 2nd Ave, Miami
Sushi Samba: 600 Lincoln Road, Miami
Sunset Lounge: Mondrian Hotel 1100 West Ave, Miami Beach


Baja Café: Deerfield Beach, FL
Bocabar: Somerset, Bristol
Canvas at Hilton: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Forneria: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Gigalum: London, UK
Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Harry’s Bar: San Francisco, Caipi-Mosas for all morning games
Jobi: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Kukui: Oxfordshire, Oxford
La Parrilla: San Francisco
Lobby Bar at Tivole Hotel: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Loca Luna: Atlanta, GA
Patio Bar & Grill: Deerfield Beach, FL
Squat Bar: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Sushi Samba: New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas
Urban Golf: London, UK
Wake Up Paris: Paris, France
Warwick Hotel: Paris, France

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Want to watch the game in the comfort of your own home?
Throw a World Cup Caipirinha Party!

So, what should you serve?

1 ½ bottles Leblon Cachaça
2/3 cup superfine sugar
12 large strawberries, quartered
2 limes, cut into eights


Muddle the lime, strawberries and sugar in a carafe or pitcher.
Add a small scoop of ice and Leblon Cachaça to the carafe and stir well.
Serve in rocks glasses filled with fresh ice.
Make sure to get some of the fruit into each glass.

4 oz. Leblon Cachaça
2 oz. raspberry liqueur
2 oz. Campari
6 oz. champagne
6 oz. guava nectar
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Fill half the pitcher with ice and add the ingredients. Stir well. Garnish with slices of fresh peach and other seasonal fruit.


June 11th, 2010


The New York City Leblon team held a Kick-Off Dinner at the Abe and Arthur’s Restaurant and enjoyed delicious Caipirinhas at the Standard Beer Garden to celebrate the Legalize Cachaça Movement in NYC!  We were sick and tired of Cachaça being labeled incorrectly so we decided to take on the responsibility to help Cachaça be recognized as what it is – Cachaça – and not as ‘Brazilian Rum.’  We were passionate enough about our cause that we created a movement to Legalize Cachaça!  It started in Miami, and then spread like a wildfire to Los Angeles.  We are please to announce that the movement has finally made its way to NEW YORK!  Please join our cause and make sure to keep an eye out for our Legalize Cachaça Truck roaming the streets of New York trying to find supporters!

June 8th, 2010


The Legalize Cachaça team made it to it’s second AVP tour event last weekend.  After such a great experience in Santa Babara we decided to follow the tour to Huntington Beach.  There was an amazing response from everyone there.  A group of Brazilians and their American friends were happy to join our campaign to Legalize Cachaça! While spreading the word of cachaça, we were also able to catch some amazing volleyball games.

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To digitially sign the petition, complete the form below:

We the People, in order to form a more perfect bar, seek to establish Cachaça as 'Cachaça,' Brazil's Noblve Spirit. We formally and necessarily declare that Cachaça is independent of, and therefore not, 'Brazilian Rum.' We make this declaration with no prejudice or malice towards Rum, nor to any other of our brethren spirits, such as Vodka, Tequila, or Gin.

To prove the above, let facts be submitted to a candid world: We recognize that Cachaça is made only from fresh-pressed cane juice, not molasses, and can only come from Brazil. We declare that Cachaça is the key ingredient to the Caipirinha, Brazil's National Cocktail. We also recognize that Cachaça mixes well with just about anything - fruit juices, sodas, and tonics - and brings a wonderful Brazilian touch to any classic cocktail.

We therefore hold these truths to be self-evident; that Cachaça is Brazil's Noble Spirit, endowed by its creator with certain unalienable characteristics, that among these are a fruity nose, fresh taste, and a long, clean finish. And in support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the confidence of our combined passion and expertise, we mutually pledge our understanding, our professionalism and our sacred honor.

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