November 29th, 2010

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July 12th, 2010


The Legalize Cachaça movement has received such great feedback, we decided to take over the entire United States!  We have even spread internationally to Brazil, France, and England.  We started out campaigning on the streets, but after gaining an incredible amount of interest, we spread the movement to Facebook and Twitter to increase the awareness to people in locations our street teams cannot reach.  We also spread the word on the Leblon Cachaça twitter account.

Now everyone can join the movement and help Legalize Cachaça so we can finally call our beloved Cachaça by its name instead the current mislabeled “Brazilian Rum.”  So far we have taken over California, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston, Nevada, Texas, and Chicago.  We have grown exponentially and are not planning on slowing down anytime soon!

Please help us spread the word by writing about us on Facebook, twitter, or blogs!  Retweet, repost, link to our blog, or suggest us to your friends on Facebook so more people can be aware of our cause.  Each new person that knows about our movement brings us a little closer to our goal of LEGALIZING CACHAÇA!

Our Caipi-Mobiles are currently cruising around NYC and LA creating buzz and gaining support.  If you see a truck please tweet a picture and we can send you a free muddler if you send us your address!

We welcome comments or suggestions on this blog as well!  Please let us know if you have any ideas how to spread the movement.




To digitially sign the petition, complete the form below:


We the People, in order to form a more perfect bar, seek to establish Cachaça as 'Cachaça,' Brazil's Noblve Spirit. We formally and necessarily declare that Cachaça is independent of, and therefore not, 'Brazilian Rum.' We make this declaration with no prejudice or malice towards Rum, nor to any other of our brethren spirits, such as Vodka, Tequila, or Gin.

To prove the above, let facts be submitted to a candid world: We recognize that Cachaça is made only from fresh-pressed cane juice, not molasses, and can only come from Brazil. We declare that Cachaça is the key ingredient to the Caipirinha, Brazil's National Cocktail. We also recognize that Cachaça mixes well with just about anything - fruit juices, sodas, and tonics - and brings a wonderful Brazilian touch to any classic cocktail.

We therefore hold these truths to be self-evident; that Cachaça is Brazil's Noble Spirit, endowed by its creator with certain unalienable characteristics, that among these are a fruity nose, fresh taste, and a long, clean finish. And in support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the confidence of our combined passion and expertise, we mutually pledge our understanding, our professionalism and our sacred honor.